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 Italmopa – Associazione Industriali Mugnai d’Italia

Direzione, redazione, pubblicità e amministrazione

The professional information for:

  • entrepreneurs, operators and technicians
  • of the primary and secondary processing of cereals
  • manufacturers of flour and semolina
  • experts in bakery and sweet sectors
  • experts in animal feed
  • operators in the milling sector, silos supply and cereals handling
  • food technicians
  • suppliers of raw materials
  • researchers
  • laboratory technicians

Molini d’Italia is the official magazine of Italmopa, the Industrial Association of Millers of Italy, member of Confindustria.

The Association represent in Italy the Milling Industry of soft and durum wheat.

Leader in information for the sector of the milling and processing of cereals, it is a reference tool for all stakeholders in the grain industry.
His technical articles offer practical solutions to issues that can be found working in a mill or managing a mill plant. It gives not just solutions but also suggestions to solve questions in different ways, according to the target you want to achieve first or faster.

Contents deal with the whole grain sector, ranging from food security issues, to agronomy and the different world markets.

The magazine is written by national and international experts and journalists specialized in the grain and milling sectors.

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